Galactic Commander Helios

Little is known of the early life of the greatest of all Galaxian Heroes.  As the Zargantian threat grew ever more dire in the early days of the Hepti-Galaxial Cosmic Eternity War, the Galaxians rose to defend the Kingdom of the Seven Galaxies as they had been sworn to do for brentillions of millennia.  As his bretheren were cut down all around him, Helios stood vigilant against the hellish onslaught of Zargantian terror, but soon after he found himself to be what many now know him as: The Last Galaxian.

Ever an emotional warrior, Helios was overcome with sadness by the loss of the Galaxian Order and thrust himself into exile in defeat.  This left the Star-Kingdom effectively defenseless and the Zargantians advanced deeper and deeper into the once-peaceful cosmic realm, blood-slaughtering and hell-exploding entire systems unopposed.   

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