Cast & Crew




Von Bilka - Director, Co-Producer, Co-Writer,  Actor

Von Bilka is a Chicago-based filmmaker who has recently completed his first feature film, GALAXY LORDS. Raised in Indiana, Von graduated from Toronto Film School- winning awards for Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction at that school's festival for his debut short film The Man Machine.

Von's previous works all share a common theme of telling stories in a visually entertaining manner. His range of inspiration includes 70s/80s B-movies, 60s psychedelia, and even 90s computer games. He co-founded the production company Champions of the Cosmos, and continues to produce both narrative and commercial content in a manner that keeps true to his inspirations.



Dan Underhill - Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Actor

Dan Underhill is an American actor, writer, and artist who has been telling stories through visual media for over half his life. In 2016 he received a Liberal Arts degree from Purdue University, where he studied film, literature, and writing. While at university, he found a creative outlet making short films with a few close friends. This eventually culminated into the founding of the production company, Champions of the Cosmos.

While Dan primarily thrives as a writer/actor, the full spectrum of his talents were utilized in the production of the company’s first feature film, GALAXY LORDS. Using his own unconventional methods, he created many of the unique props and costumes himself. Pensive and diligent, Dan strives to bring a rare sense of comedic grandeur to his work.




David Cergizan - Visual Effects, Co-Producer

David Cergizan is a co-founder of the production company Champions of the Cosmos and a co-creator of their first feature film, Galaxy Lords. With a background primarily in Visual Effects, David is responsible for the massive amount of digital environments and compositing that was required to bring the worlds of Galaxy Lords to life.

Due to the nature of it's small production David donned many other hats over the course of the production, providing an enthusiastic dedication to fulfilling the shared vision of the team, and was a key contributor in shaping the final film.

He has previously worked on several short films and music videos, and looks forward to any opportunity to further explore his passion for filmmaking.



Dave Petersen Jr - Visual Effects, Co-Producer, Actor

Dave Petersen is a visual effects artist based in Northwest Indiana. After graduating from Purdue with a degree in electrical engineering, Dave rekindled his passion for visual effects by teaming up with some high school friends to work on a number of short film projects. The sheer enjoyment of working on these projects ultimately inspired this group of intrepid filmmakers to create the feature length film GALAXY LORDS.

Over the course of production, Dave leveraged his engineering background to conceptualize and implement novel solutions to the challenges of creating an effects-heavy film on a shoestring budget. Drawing inspiration from the science fiction films and videogames of his childhood, Dave worked tirelessly to learn the visual effects pipeline tools required to breathe life into his creations.



Garrett Schultz - Sound Design

Garrett Schultz is a production and post-production audio mixer working in film, tv, podcasts/radio, and ads. He is a Columbia College Chicago graduate from the Audio Arts and Acoustics department, and has been making sounds and noise for more than fifteen years.

In 2008, he formed Destrier Audio, a facility that offers a myriad of audio services including ADR, Foley, and Sound Design. His works include projects for General Electric, Kraft/Heinz, Hello from the Magic Tavern, G4’s Attack of the Show, and of course, Galaxy Lords.

He likes coffee. He likes beer.


Philip Kreyche Headshot.jpg

Philip Kreyche - Original Score

Philip Kreyche was born in Chicago, IL, and raised in the mountains outside of Sacramento, CA. After a year of studying Opera at UC Irvine, he moved to Austin, TX to pursue a history degree, and graduated magna cum laude in 2012.

Since 2013 he has lived and worked in Los Angeles, developing mainly period and genre-based stories for film and television. In addition to several short films, he has two feature-length productions in development.




Helios / Quazar Pignataro - Dan Underhill

Adorastius / Wranthelon - Von Bilka

Chansaluthrax Harrangu - Zachary Hart Baker

Dr. Tokina / Space Jail Guard - Jon Raila

The MARCs/ Space Warden Val'Narog - Dave Petersen Jr

Hagglehawk the Wafe Lord - Jim Povolo

Phralzon Muhr'Kalmadon / Dychondrogus / Space Jail Guard - Steven Cergizan

Hontox Vol-Umpandor - Harriet Mishoulam

Jhibari Forgestriker - Eric Jones

Klinda Faranox - April Rose

Dr. Rabinowitz - Clifford Evans

Galdornious /Fortin Gulb - TJ Harris

Pete - Andrew Shantz

Zargantian Lizard Trooper/Jail Guard - David Cergizan

Space Jail Guard - Al Bilka

Space Jail Guard - Quentin Evans

Space Jail Guard - Dan Gasik

Nastasio - Beth Jarchow


Voice Talent

Astros - Marissa Lenti

Chansaluthrax Harrangu - Garrett Schultz

Nastasio - Stephanie Sier

Space Jail Comm Operator - Hannah Sanders

Klinda Faranox / Hontox Vol-Umpandor - Mel Gorsha

Warden Val’Narog /Jhibari Forgestriker - Tim Simmons

Dychondrogus - David Cergizan



Von Bilka



Dan Underhill

Von Bilka



Visual Effects (Environments & Compositing) - David Cergizan

Visual Effects (Spacecraft & Special Effects) - Dave Petersen Jr



Sound Design - Garrett Schultz

Original Score - Philip Kreyche



Champions of the Cosmos



Scott Thomas

Sean Carroll

Kathleen S. Hill



Harriet Mishoulam

Zachary Hart-Baker

Alyse Bilka



Harriet Mishoulam

Von Bilka

Dan Underhill


MECHACELESTROS Model Construction

Nick Swartz



Allan Bilka



Filippo Riello